Tuition Fees

Please find specific information regarding your course fees on the applicable course page.

Fees must be paid in full at enrolment unless an instalment arrangement is set up.

International Students:

A deposit of 50% of your first year’s course fees is required to secure your place at the University and must be paid before you apply for your student visa.

Tuition fee payments can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer via Flywire. Thereafter, full payment or instalments can be made. 

Full Payment:

Tuition fees can be paid in full at the time of enrolment, which may entitle you to an Early Payer Discount (EPD). Fees must be paid in full no later than 14 calendar days after the start date of your course as indicated on your student record.


A maximum of 7 equal and consecutive monthly instalments to be paid in full within 7 months of course start date. Home/EU postgraduate students may set up termly recurring card plan for payments to be made in line with postgraduate loan instalments at the start of each term.

Any failed instalment will automatically be attempted again 5 days following the original attempt. Should the second attempt fail, the instalment arrangement will be cancelled.

If you are taking out a Tuition Fee Loan and/or a Tuition Fee Grant to pay your tuition fees, you will receive a notification of entitlement letter from your student finance authority. Please make sure that your course details on this letter are correct.

If there is an error, then you may be able to change your application through your online account with your student funding body. If not, please contact your funding body for advice.

If you are in receipt of sponsorship for your tuition fees (this does not include family members or friends who may decide to make payments on your behalf), your sponsor will need to confirm that they accept responsibility for fee payment. We will then liaise with your sponsor to keep them informed of your progress.

If you are in receipt of any other types of funding such as the following, please sending confirmation to Revenue by email or post.

  • Norwegian Government Loan
  • Career Development Loan
  • CPE
  • Veterans Association

Postal address: Revenue Team, Llantwit Road, Treforest, Pontypridd, CF37 1DL.